• Nikawewa Villa

    Ideal for a family. Appointed with 2 bed rooms surrounding a living and dining area – Nikewewa is a heaven amidst the rice paddies. The 180 degree glass walls allows for a breath taking view of the 20 acres of paddy field. A length pool sits between nature and the suite giving that extra bit of lavishness to an already perfect setting.

    Room description:

    • * Villa size 111 sqm
    • * Garden & paddy view
    • * Large king size beds
    • * Two bedroom suite
    • * Private pool
    • * Living & dining area
    • * Sun Deck
    • * 2 large bathrooms with bath
    • * Safe
    • * 42 ” LED TV
    • * Complimentary WI-FI
    • * Movie on demand
    • * His & hers bath robes
    • * His & hers vanity counters
    • * Bicycles
    • * Mini Bar
    • * 24 hour room service
    • * Tea & Coffee facilities
    • * Hair dryer
    • * Butler service (On Request)
    • * Fresh fruit basket replenished daily

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  • Ulagalla Villa

    Offer glass-walled panoramic views of the scenic, unspoiled, natural paradise filled with bird and animal life and are luxuriously equipped with air conditioning, high-end entertainment systems and many more amenities. Each Villa has its own deck and secluded private plunge pool, making it a destination in itself.

    Room description:

    • * Villa size 79 sqm
    • * Garden, Paddy or Lake View
    • * Large King size four poster bed
    • * Dining Area
    • * Plunge Pool
    • * 42 Inch LED TV
    • * Living area
    • * Large bathroom with rain shower
    • * Movie on demand
    • * Safe
    • * Mini Bar
    • * Complimentary WI-FI
    • * Tea & Coffee making facilities
    • * His & hers bath robes
    • * Hair Dryer
    • * Bicycles
    • * Sun deck
    • * 24 hour room service
    • * Canapé platter

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Bars and Restaurants

  • Liyawela

    Treat yourself to a remarkable dining experience at the Liya Wela Restaurant of Ulagalla Resort- one of the finest luxury boutique hotels in Sri Lanka. Adorned with traditional furnishing that emphasize multiple shades of brown, this cosy dining venue offers you the best of Sri Lankan cuisine along with Eastern and Western dishes as well as fusion fare. The restaurant’s upper deck affords captivating views of the lush green vegetation that surrounds, where you can sample a delectable meal letting the cool breeze soothe you.

  • Private Dining

    Tucked away in the lush green vegetation of the tropical jungle, Ulagalla offers a unique dining experience to its guests who fancy private dining in Sri Lanka. A table set for two in the middle of a peaceful “kamatha”; threshing ground offers the perfect ambiance to savour the authentic flavours of Sri Lankan cuisine or own Barbecue. If you are looking for a more intimate dining experience, to spend a romantic evening followed by a candle- lit dinner, the observation deck at Ulagalla sets the perfect mood.

    Dine under the stars at your private terrace overlooking the panoramic green paradise or by the side of our tranquil pool. We are ready to satisfy all your gastronomic desires to make it a perfect stay at our Ulagalla Resort!

Facilities and activities

  • SPA

    Heaven hides, waiting for those who wish to find its pleasures. Surrounded by wattle walls and lush foliage that conceal its presence from all but the ones who seek it, our luxury spa will treat you to some wonderfully indulgent pampering.

    Screened from the world and its cares, our unique spa is built to resemble an underground cavern of perfect tranquility. Greenery surrounds you from everywhere; a gentle waterfall cascades over the roof like a misty curtain dipping into pools of floating water lilies. Lying quietly in this serene world, the wonders of spa therapy are yours to experience. From a simple massage or beauty treatment to a full course of therapeutic care to rejuvenate you – self and senses from top to toe.

    We have a wide range of treatments and therapies for you to choose from in our spa menu, including signature spa treatment if you desire to treat yourself to something extra special.

    Our expert Spa therapists renowned as among the best in Sri Lanka spa hotels have international experience and training. All our spa treatments and products are of exceptional quality and standards, so you can rest assured in the safest of hands.

    There’s more to Ulagalla than just the view out of your window. Wake up with the dawn chorus and take a guided walk round the estate and beyond. This leisurely 90-minute ramble includes a walk along the banks of Wannemaduwa ‘tank’, a traditional irrigation reservoir built to a design over two thousand years old. Take to the waters of Wannemaduwa tank in a kayak at dawn or dusk to experience the wild life of the forest at its most active. Paddle quietly with your friendly staff guide through floating islands of lotus blossom, stands of water bird-haunted reeds and overhanging boughs. The soft light of the rising or setting sun turns the air to honey and touches the dragonflies’ wings with gold. Discover the elegant simplicity of Sri Lankan village life on this two-hour guided bicycle excursion. Keep an eye open for exotic birds and small wildlife along the route – expect surprises! Your destination is Veheragalla, a traditional farming village not far from the hotel. You’ll meet the inhabitants and be welcomed at the home of the village headman. If you prefer riding to walking, you can spend a happy hour or so exploring the estate and neighbourhood on horseback with a staff groom. We also offer longer excursions by prior arrangement. For the nature-loving foodie: a guided tour of our organic herb and vegetable garden, during which you can hand-pick fresh, juicy ingredients for your lunch. End your walk with a visit to our traditional hearth kitchen, where the herbs and vegetables you’ve selected will be transformed into delicious Sri Lankan dishes especially for you. Surrounded by green woods at Ulagalla, you may want to try your hand at being Robin Hood. If so, we can supply the equipment – bows, arrows and targets – as well as expert advice and even some friendly competition from our recreational assistants, who are graduates of the Colombo School of Archery. Or engage in a tournament with your own party or fellow guests. An expert visiting instructor conducts programmes for guests on request. Sessions vary in duration and intensity depending on your preference This very special excursion only takes place on Poya (full moon) days, which are holy to the Buddhists of Sri Lanka. A Buddhist guide will conduct you to Veheragala Temple, where you can observe and participate in the traditional rites of Sinhalese Buddhism such as lamp lighting, circling the stupa and offering floral tributes. Kite making and kite-flying are popular traditional pastimes all over South Asia. Come along and learn how to make, launch and fly a bamboo and paper kite of classic Sri Lankan design, such as a nye sarungala. Rich in historical value, the holy city of Anuradhapura is where the sacred tree Jaya Sri Maha Bodhiya is found. It is revered for being the southern branch of the ancient Sri Maha Bodhiya at Bodhi Gaya in India. Towering above the landscape, seemingly lost in time, the Abhayagiri Monastery & Dagaba offers a unique insight into the time when kings ruled the land. Located in the ancient city of Anuradhapura, this Buddhist monument tells a story of its own, interwoven with the rich history and heritage of Sri Lanka.

    A helipad is built on location for the discerning traveler. Helicopter pick-up from the Colombo international airport or the Ratmalana airport can be arranged and will be a convenient and more enjoyable way of travelling to the resort. Infinity Pool